Prominent, international chef, Ashley Charles James, travels the United States to cook with famous foreign French chefs or an ethnic influence chef to unveil their.....
An exciting new series of 13 X 13 episodes on Artful Entertaining dedicated to table- and floral decoration and gastronomical highlights.......

Recipe :

Sushi de Sardines

Cuisine Culture

Episode II : Guy Savoy

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An exciting new series of 13 X 26, on Artful Entertaining dedicated to Table and Floral Decoration and gastronomical highlights, produced by Muses Productions.

Hospitality is the art of generously welcoming guests into your home.
Have you ever wanted to be a guest in fine homes with grand interiors?

Then come along and enjoy these episodes, which will take you for a journey around France and many other countries, opening doors to beautiful estates, grand gardens and breathtaking views.

Meet your host Biggy, an expert in decorating and entertaining at home. Discover her ultimate secrets on creative menus, along with sumptuous Flower and Table Décor.

Entertaining with style and fantasy, while surprising guests with magnificent table settings, is one of Biggy’s greatest pleasures.

Whether you are planning an intimate Candle-light Dinner for Valentine’s Day, a grand Birthday Reception, a lavish Wedding Ceremony, or a Holiday Celebration, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, these series will help you create THE perfect celebration, your guests will remember for years!

Discover luxurious interiors, combined with glamorous entertaining, shown to you by easy and creative demonstrations.